About Lipes Alifah Fawzia

A Taureans. A Bachelor of Psychology. Born in Padang of eastern-javanese parents twenty four years ago. Her parent gave Alifah Fawzia as her name which means the first born who has many-many luckiness in her life (Amin!). She has lived in Tulungagung, Sidoarjo, Jakarta, Bali, Makassar, and now calls Sumba (which she never been before) home where she can wanders around whenever she wants to. With or without a companion, she will definitely go if it comes to travelling, especially when it's free! As a Belieber devotee, don't ever doubt her love to Justin Bieber, ever!

After graduated from Universitas Indonesia, she chose to working for Indonesian children and enjoys it so much. Her biggest dream are studying sustainable development for education abroad and build a dream school someday (Can she get another Amin, yes?).

So, basically this blog is full with her so-not-amazing life, mostly her insecurities as an avoidant person. There will be her journey too since she does love travelling to somewhere new. At first, She didn't expect anything by making this blog. Then she found it's relieving when she reads over and reminds her that she has an amazing life as well. 

This blog is called 'Say Hello to Lipes' because the truth is she won't greet you first in the real life. So, if you happen to meet her someday or whenever you stop by this blog please hit her with the 'hello' and smile. a big one! Then, She will say hello to you too (lha maksa).

Hope you enjoy and welcome to her insecurities world.

Love Lipes,



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